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These are "B-stock" Monuments that did not pass our stringent inspection process, but are totally functional. These units have paint defects, dents, or scratches and are sold "as is". All sales are final. 

We recommend purchasing custom PSU cables from CableMod, Mod-One, or MainFrame Customs. Please see the user guide for more detailed information and assembly instructions.

The Motif Monument is an open PC chassis design for Mini-ITX motherboards. The purpose of this design is to present small form factor components in a simple and elegant configuration. The finished build is meant to function as a showpiece computer without sacrificing performance potential.

The case consists of just 2 pieces of 3/16” steel that are painstakingly cut, bent, welded, and finished to the highest possible manufacturing standards. The unique shape and small size present many fabrication constraints that do not allow for error in the production process. 

This case is a project kit designed for an advanced PC builder who has experience and familiarity with the potential challenges of custom PC building. Potential compatibility limitations may include, but are not limited to, choice of cpu cooler, cooler orientation, RAM height, GPU length and slot width (2 slot preferred). The chassis is designed to specifically accommodate M.2 SSDs, as opposed to other storage formats. An SFX PSU and custom PSU cables are required to utilize this case successfully.