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Monument Booster Backplate

Monument Booster Backplate

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Designed as a direct replacement for the traditional Monument Backplate, the Monument Booster Backplate allows for the mounting of 240mm radiators. The Monument Booster Backplate comes in two experimental variations: 

Variation A: A traditional 240mm radiator cutout which requires the radiator ports to face out. This design variation requires a custom water-cooling solution and the use of 90 degree fittings.  

Variation B: A highly modified 240mm radiator cutout which allows for most common AIO's to mount with the ports facing in. This is done by allowing the radiators to move up to 3/4" within the cutout pattern. 

**Power button is not included


.187" / 4.5mm HRPO Steel


Lasercut, Formed, Machined / Countersunk, Deburred, & Painted


12.7" x 1.8"


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Will fit any Monument Chassis, Paint will match New Monument Texture Paint

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