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Form meets Function

Pushing the boundaries of open chassis design.

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Boutique PC Chassis & Specialty brackets made in the USA.

  • Motif Monument

    The Motif Monument is an open chassis design for Mini-ITX motherboards. The purpose of this design is to present small form factor components in a simple and elegant configuration.

    The build featured above was created by @80ishplus

    Motif Monument Portfolio 
  • OG Atlas

    Altas is the result of equal consideration of form and function. It began as a simple “W” shape that was gradually adjusted to accommodate most common components.

    The chassis featured was built by @modsbyben

    OG Atlas Portfolio 
  • Lithium

    Form meets function in the Lithium case by Yuel Beast Designs. This durable, robust semi-open case is designed and made in the USA with timeless character. The Lithium is a fully featured & deliberately designed platform for experienced enthusiasts.

    Lithium Portfolio