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Yuel Beast Designs



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Expected Delivery Mid-November

Limited Batch, One Per Customer. Last run for Stainless Steel & Black Edition

Form meets function in the Lithium-E case by ybd. This robust semi-open eATX/ATX case is designed and made in the USA with timeless character. Utilizing stainless steel & black powdercoated elements, the Lithium-E is a fully featured and deliberately designed platform for experienced enthusiasts.

Expected Delivery Mid-November


13g CRS Steel & 18g 304 #4 Finish Stainless Steel


Lasercut, Deburred, Pem-inserted, Tapped, Formed, & Painted




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Three 2.5" and 3.5" drive mounting brackets


eATX(12"x12" / ATX

Water Cooling

Two 360mm Radiator Mounting Locations

Two EK D5 Pump Locations

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Built for those who want more

Radiator/Fan support:
2 x 360mm
1 x 480mm
Fan/Pump support:
1 x 360mm
1 x 120mm
Tube passthrough cutouts:
13 x 20mm cutouts
Motherboard support:

eATX/ATX with cable-routing

GPU support:All sizesBuilt-in GPU Support BracketVertical GPU Mounting ready

Built in GPU Support Bracket & Vertical GPU Mounting ready (Armature Not Included)

Credit to PCWerkz

Form Meets Function

The Lithium-E is a robust semi-open eATX/ATX chassis carefully fabricated from Stainless and Mild Steel to create a timeless design. We power your builds with up to 1200mm of radiator capacity, GPU support bracketry, built-in pass through & pump mounting. We have industry leading quality control, where nothing leaves the shop imperfect, and is packed in precision-cut foam. Like a high-end automobile, the Lithium-E invites you to build for your own enjoyment, and for the world to see. High performance, distinctive style, and undeniable character: Lithium-E

Credit Tim of PC_Werkz

Artisan Crafted

Crafted for those who seek more than just another case, this is functional art. Purposefully designed and fabricated, the Lithium-E seeks to deliver an uncommon experience when compared to the competition.

Industry leading Bracketry

Our new GPU support bracket for standard & vertical GPU mounting made GPU Sag a thing of the past. Crafted from 11g black painted steel and secured with 8-32 machine screws, this bracket comes standard with the Lithium-E.

Chassis Specifications


Designed for eATX /
ATX Motherboard, Compatable with mATX & ITX

Fabricated with
Stainless Steel & Painted Black Steel, Stainless Steel Riveted

GPU Support Bracket

13 x 20mm Holes for
watercooling passthroughs

480mm Basement
Radiator/Fan Mount with 110mm of clearance

360mm Motherboard
Panel Radiator/Fan Mount with 60mm of clearance

360mm Radiator
Bracket, Radiator/Fan Mount with over 60mm of clearance to the front
of the chassis

480mm & 65mm D5
Pattern slot cutout in chassis basement ceiling

120mm & 65mm D5
Pattern slot cutout in chassis side above PCIE mounts

Recessed PSU
Mounting for both vertical & horizontally positioned power

2 x HDD & SSD
brackets, with additional 20mm holes for optional watercooling
passthroughs on HDD Bracket

Additional 120mm
flex pattern in chassis floor for internal mounting

Batch of 10 units