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Altas is the evolution of the traditional test bench. This design is the result of equal consideration of form and function. It began as a simple “W” shape that was gradually adjusted to accommodate most common components. Our aim was to support various hole patterns using the minimum amount of steel. Ideally, this is the only test bench serious users would ever need, and/or a robust open air chassis for someone to use as a workstation computer.

This is a multi-orientation test-bench style computer chassis. It accommodates Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX and Standard-ATX motherboards. The hole patterns on either side of the motherboard support 240, 280, and 360mm radiators. The purpose of this design is to support as many combinations of components as possible on a platform that is easy to build on, and aesthetically pleasing. Please see the user guide for more information and assembly instructions.

The Atlas Watercooling Bracket is not included. There is a limit of one per customer. The package is 20x20x16 inches and weighs 20 lbs. RAW Watercooling Bracket is availible upon request. 



  • This raw steel version of the Atlas is intended for customers who want to do their own finishing, or want to work with a vendor to do custom plating/ painting.

  • The steel will eventually develop surface rust due to inevitable exposure to moisture and grease from hands.

  • The edges are slightly sharp and should be handled carefully.

  • We remove metal dust and residue, but parts will likely have a thin layer of surface oil that helps prevent rust.

  • We take no responsibility for rusting or discoloration that arises during shipping, nor any rust that develops after the product is received by the customer.

  • If you do your own custom painting or plating, take care to protect the threaded holes on the chassis so standoffs can be properly installed on the final product.

  • All sales are final.